We include a comment sheet in every program with an opportunity to sign up for our mailing list. The comment sheet asks about the food, the service, and the Comedy Murder Mystery. It is a "Fill-In-The-Blank" comment sheet so the audience can write whatever they feel. We enter all this information into a database and report back to each event the audience satisfaction. In the past ten years, we have performed for hundreds of thousands of audience members.

In 2002, we began to document this information. Of our public shows, we performed for an estimated 12,500 audience members last year, of which over 25% were repeat customers. Here is the feedback out of the thousands of comment sheets in our database..

27% "Great" or "Better than Great" "All we expected and more"
22.5% "Excellent" or"Better than Excellent" "First time, and I'll do it again"
19.75% "Very Good", "Really Good" or "Good Show" "Side-Splitting Funny"
6.5% "Wonderful" "Stupdendously Wonderful Show"
5.5% Combinations of all of the above Combinations of all of the above
5.5% "Very Fun", "Really Fun" "Great Fun" or "Fun" "Loved the interaction"
3.5% "Really Funny", "Funny" "Hysterical" or "Hilarious!" "Very Well Put Together"
3% "Very Enjoyable" "Extremely Talented Cast..."
1.25% "Very Entertaining" "Non-Stop Hilarity"
1% "(Very) Very Humorous" or "Very Funny" "Amazingly Funny"
1% "Outstanding" "We'll be back"
1% "Awesome" "Talented Cast, and HOT GUYS!"
0.75% "Fantastic" or "Fabulous" "A perfectly fun evening"
0.75% "Super", "Superb" or "Super Great" "Stunning and Stellar Cast"
0.25% "The Best", "A Ten" or "Best I've seen" "Can't wait to do it again"
0.25% "Fun and Different", "Amusing", "OK!" or "Exciting" "Cool and Funny" & "Crazily Cool"
0.25% "4 Stars", "A+", "Delightful", "Different", "Lighthearted and Comical..."
0.25% Various Comments listed in the right column "Unique, one-of-a-kind experience"


Recently, I called the Texas Queen reservation number to reserve two seats for what thought would be a romantic dinner cruise in celebration for me and my girlfriend's one year anniversary. I was most enthused when I was told it was a Murder Mystery cruise and that Murder Most Ruthless was to be performed.

When we arrived, we were immediately introduced to Sam Diamond, ship security detective. He followed us to our seats and sat and chatted for awhile. Mr. Diamond, who was obviously a member of the troupe and acting in character, cited his detective resume and displayed a couple of his tools of the trade, shoe phone and pistol (plastic).

All the members of the troupe interacted with the patrons on-board and in all cases sat and ate with the audience and even involved some of us in the plot. I was dubbed as Elvis Lee Presson, the long lost love of Ms Shyster, which wasn't a bad notion because she looked goooooood. All of the cast members' roles were fun and performed well.

Earlier I stated that I was most enthused to find out that a Murder Mystery was being performed, that was because I have attended several in the Dallas Metroplex and knew what to expect. One thing I didn't expect, since the ship is a little confining the action is all about you. Gives a sense of actually being member of the cast.

It may not have been what I first had in mind, a romantic dinner, but the experience was loads of fun, intriguing, and even frustrating when I found accused the wrong person of the murder. The food on board was very tasty and filling and the service was far above average.

~Coy Jordan

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