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Reviews and Feedback from our Satisfied Customers

December 20th, 2003
"French Maid"
From Heather
The French Maid was a great idea and went over very well. Thank you again.
December 12th, 2003
"Custom Character-
Sales Competitor"
From Steve
Thanks again for your help and especially for Brad! Because of the weather and the service at the restaurant- we were running way behind schedule and Brad was so patient and so gracious! Everyone commented on how great he was! The most impressive thing to me was that he memorized (word for word!) that whole script I sent you guys!!! I would recommend him and you guys again! Thanks for your last minute help in making our banquet memorable! - Steve

October 12th, 2003
"Love Fairy"
From Rihab

Thanks!He liked it very much. He loved the song. I did'nt really ask what it said but he was really impressed by the gesture. I have wanted to do singing telegrams b-4 but they were so expensive and it's very difficult to get a hold of some one short notice. I was very surprised that you were available last minute. Thanks again for getting the flowers. Good luck to you and keep having fun! Rihab
September 25th, 2003
"School Girl"
From Diane
Hi!- I heard you did a great job! He was embarrassed and he called right away... Again thank you so much - He really enjoyed it - he had to keep from laughing when explaining why we had picked the school girl to come and
sing it for him. Thanks, Diane

September 23rd, 2003
"Crazy Old Lady"
From Rosanne
Thanks a bunch. He loved it!
September 23rd, 2003
"Crazy Old Lady"
From Cathy
Just wanted to thank you for such a great job today! I just wished I could have been there to see you in action! But from all reports - you were the hit of the retirement reception! And my brother was totally embarrassed (which was the goal). Everyone that he's played practical jokes on for the 30 years of his employment felt revenge was done (and hopefully he was a good participant at all this) !!! So again, thank you. Cathy F.
September 11th, 2003
"Love Fairy"
From Graham
Thanks again!
August 30th, 2003
From Terri
It was a hoot! Gary was paralyzed with fear until he realized that you weren't a stripper! I thought you did a good job in pulling other people into it. Thanks for the extra effort there. You have a very good comedic delivery. Thanks much!

July 18th, 2003
From Arshi

It was great and funny he did a good job, a little short though but i think that is just how long all telegrams go for. Over all very well done i will use your services again. Thank you.

July 12th, 2003
From Isobel
The pirate was great ! The kids and adults loved him. He is very talented. Thanks so much.

June 25th, 2003
"Good Luck Fairy"
From Elizabeth

My parents called as soon as they got home and it was clear that they loved it! They said that your performance was touching because of all the personal information you included. They were clearly nostalgic about it all. They said that the entire crowd enjoyed singing along to the chorus of your song. They used words like "perfect", "great", "cute" to describe you and your costume. Clearly you did a wonderful job. My brother and I are so glad we were able to find you and have you give my father such a memorable and special gift for his retirement. Many thanks!
June 16th, 2003
From Myra
Fantastic, thank you SOOO much. He called me right
away and said it left him speechless! He LOVED it!!!
Thanks again!
June 4th, 2003
From Laura
He loved it!!! He was thoroughly embarrassed and said he had never had something like done to him. He was truly speechless. By any chance would you have saved the song you had everyone sing?! Laura
June 2, 2003
"Mae West"
From Kaylei
Thanks for making Ed's birthday a memorable one. He has told everyone how much he enjoyed himself and has never had a birthday to measure this one. Thanks again and take care-
May 30th, 2003
From Racheal

Just wanted to let you know that the nerd was great yesterday!
May 24th, 2003
From Julie
I just got a call from Robert and he said you were great! He said, "Thanks, I think" too funny, And my Dad Deaton, said he got a kiss and that you were precious! They LOVED you! I can not tell you what a LIFE SAVER you were for my sister and I !!!
May 19th, 2003
From Chris
She loved the telegram! And we got a kick out of the song as well; it was very original, and funny. I think you guys did a wonderful job, and I wouldn't hesitate to use you again. Great job!!
May 14th, 2003
From Leslie
I heard great reviews!! Thanks a lot &Best wishes!
May 14th, 2003
From Sharon
It went very well. She believed everything you said to her and was totally fooled by you. THANKS!! I know she didn't want her birthday celebrated, and that's precisely why I contacted you. She couldn't believe that the whole thing was done and she knew nothing about it. She was in a good mood in the afternoon, though, so I think she appreciated the
effort put into everything. She was even laughing about it. It was fun to be able to still manage to get her, even though she's in Texas. And her kids laughed about this more than I've seen them laugh at anything in years. Thanks again, you did a great job.
May 9th, 2003
"Business Woman"
From Kathy
I wanted to thank you again for what a great job you did. Kevin has been relaying the story to several people and was completely fooled. We both felt you did a tremendous job and was very skilled in your acting abilities to have fooled an experienced prankster. Thanks again for an amazing job.
April 28th, 2003
"Crazy Old Lady"
From Marie
Thank you so much for coming to Greenville for Jeremy's birthday. You where GREAT the costume the song everything us terrific. Thanks again,
April 12, 2003
"Marilyn Monroe"
From Scott
David was absolutely floored. He loved it! He vowed revenge for me next year... We were able to hear bits and pieces of the act. I sure wish we could have been there. It sounded like everyone had a blast.

I called my parents this evening after everyone had left to get the story. Dad said that your timing was perfect. They were just getting ready to sit down for dinner when the doorbell rang. David opened the door to ... Marilyn! His daughter kept asking, "Who's that lady?"

Everyone thought it was an absolute riot - and very approriate for the kids (much appreciated). Dad said, "He won't forget this night..." I think you may have immortalized the Ding-Dong story for ages to come...

I'm looking forward to seeing the video. My family went on and on about how much fun they had. Thank you so much for making my brother laugh so much on his 40th birthday. He was really not looking forward to it. Now I know he'll have some happy memories about it. That's really what I wanted for him.

I hope you had as much fun performing as they had watching. You have a great Easter, too. If you ever need it I'll be thrilled to give you a rousing endorsement.


Scott Wierschem
April 8, 2003
"Love Fairy"
From Pat
We finally talked to Matt & Anne, both said it was great. Both thought it was pretty funny. The only regret was that a lot of kids had not shown up yet. Word got around pretty quick and Matt said a lot of kids had asked who came to sing for him. I hope you left him some business cards to hand out.
Thanks again,
Pat Ravanesi
April 2, 2003
"Crazy Old Lady"
From Quentin
Thank you again it was wonderful, and she did love it. You were a big hit and you did a wonderful job. Take care


March 26, 2003
"Crazy Old Lady"
From Heather

Hey there!!!

Oh my goodness... we LOVED it!!! It was totally hilarious and I loved the way you personalized for her. We laughed about it for days and days and days.....We had another get together that Saturday night... and everyone kept talking about it!! We couldn't have done it better ourselves... we will definitely keep you in mind should we have the need for another singing telegram.

Thanks again!
March 22, 2003
"Country Bumpkin"
From Kevin
Just wanted to let you know that everything went great at the party. Rasa was fantastic! Please pass along all my thanks and appreciation. I will definitely think of you again for our next party...
March 17, 2003
"Love Fairy"
From Amy
We had lots of compliments yesterday and today. Everyone thought that it was great! It was so fun to have a customized song. Thank you again.