Someone Who'll Watch Over Me

My First Time

The Crash At Crush

If you are looking to see a performance of a particular play, but no theaters have it as part of their season, what do you do? Shane Arts Theatrical Ensemble Rep (SATER) produces plays in a style that can be mounted just about anywhere, providing a quality performance with creative and artistic design for minimal cost. For our talent, it offers the opportunity to perform in a variety of genres, from classics to contemporary and new works. For our audience, it allows you to select what you want to see. Think of it as pay-per-view or renting a video, but with live theater.

SATER now resides at the Dallas Hub Theater, located in Deep Ellum, the "Hub of the Dallas Arts scene"immediately east of downtown Dallas. Click the logo to see what's currently playing.


The Whole Shebang

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The Real Inspector Hound

Matt & Ben

This is Our Youth

Den of Thieves

The Skriker

Hamlet Cubed

SATER productions will mount productions at your request, and produce at least one show per year that is mobile and can perform in several venues around the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Once a production is complete, it will be eligible to be booked by you and your organization. Our first production is currently in development.

Seeking, Retaining and Cultivating Audiences and Talent