Although Shane-Arts has been producing mobile theatrical works since the early 1990's, it wasn't until the turn of the century when the Shane-Arts Ensemble created yet another division for the many artistic endeavors that did to fall under the other specialized divisions of Shane-Arts. A division that could produce new works and classics, drama or comedy, or whatever theater would challenge both the audiences and the talent, but still directed and designed with traveling to a theater near you in mind.


Life Cycle
by Beauen Bogner
Directed by Tim Shane


SATER first appeared on the scene in early 2003 at the Flower Mound Performing Arts Theatre's Festival of New Plays featuring the world premiere of LIFE CYCLE written by Beauen Bogner and directed by Tim Shane, both of the Shane-Arts Ensemble. The cast featured Jeff Swearingen, Scot Wingo and L'illette Vasquez. This particular show was under 15 minutes long and too short to mount alone. LIFE CYCLE was workshoped and added to our archives to add to other short plays to be produced by SATER in the future.

No official reviews of this show.

"Best Director"
Tim Shane
Dallas Observer,
Best of Dallas 2003



THIS IS OUR YOUTH by Kenneth Lonergan
Directed by Christie Shane
Produced by Tim Shane

A lacerating look at affluent young Manhattanites of the 1980s, was first produced by the New Group in New York in 1996 to great critical acclaim and a Drama Desk Award nomination for best new play. Set in 1982, the play depicts two days in the lives of three college-age Upper West-Siders who are from wealthy families but are living in doped-up squalor. Dennis—with a famous painter for a father and social activist mother—is a small-time drug dealer and total mess. His hero-worshipping, indifferently adjusted friend Warren has just impulsively stolen $15,000 from his father, an abusive lingerie tycoon who is "not a criminal, just in business with criminals." When Jessica, a mixed-up fashion school coed, shows up for a date, Warren pulls out a wad of bills and takes her off, awkwardly, for a night of New York seduction. How will Warren turn out—will he follow Dennis into dissipation or discover a way out? A wildly funny, bittersweet, and ultimately quite moving story, This Is Our Youth is remarkable in its understanding of contemporary urban youth. It’s title is now included on the resumes of Matt Damon, Jake Gyllenhaal, Summer Phoenix, Anna Paquin and Mark Ruffalo.

SATER brought this show to the region as part of Water Tower Theater's "Out Of The Loop" Festival and ran it in the DFW area in March and April, 2004.

Featuring Jeff Swearingen, Clayton Shane Farris and Franceanna Campagna this show is a fun and dramatic contemporary piece. Ideal for educational, nostalgic and young audiences that can handle mature content.

We are currently accepting bookings for this show should you want to bring it to your venue, town or organization. Please note this show requires royalties from Dramatists Play service.

" A Treat... with strong performances"
Dallas Morning News
(on SATER)

On other productions
"Very funny. . . . Comedies of such brio and darkly satiric edge are rare these days. . . . A supercool entertainment." — Vincent Canby,
The New York Times

"What Mr. Lonergan gets gloriously is the whole cosmos and tempo of guys-together stuff. . . . It's an exhilarating ride full of sympathy and truth, eliciting many a smile and laugh of recognition."
— The Wall Street Journal

“A kind of theatrical cousin to Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye…achieves what MTV’s The Real World can only attempt.”
–Matt Wolf, Variety (London)

“As important to the youth of it’s decade as Osborne’s Look Back in Anger was when it appeared in 1956.”
–Sarah Crompton,
The London Daily Telegraph



DEN OF THIEVES by Stephen Adly Guirgis
Directed & Produced by Tim Shane

Maggie is a newly single, junk-food-bingeing shoplifter looking to change her life and her self-hating ways. Paul is her passionately convicted, formerly four-hundred-pound compulsive-overeating sponsor in a twelve-step program for recovering thieves. Maggie's jealous ex-boyfriend is a charismatic wannabe Puerto Rican small-time thief of uncertain ancestry named Flaco who spins a grammatically challenged but persuasive yarn about seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars in unprotected drug money sitting in a safe in a downtown disco guarded by an easily distracted crackhead. This dubious and ragtag would-be criminal crew is rounded out by Flaco's new girlfriend, the fabulous Boochie-a topless dancer who refuses to let her troubled childhood or her third-grade reading level stand in the way of her inevitable path to fame, fortune and fur. When things don't quite go according to plan, this bickering quartet of hapless thieves finds themselves at the mercy of Louie "The Little Tuna" Pescatore, The original New York mounting, produced by the LAByrinth Theater Company, was directed by Phillip Seymour Hoffman and starred critically-acclaimed actor Sam Rockwell.

This show was the first show in the Dallas Hub Theater featuring Jeff Swearingen, Ramses Paul, Allison McCorkle, Carrie Pickering, Baris Tuncer, James Warila and Richard Hougton. Please note this show requires royalties from Dramatists Play service.

"…unfolds with crackling comic propulsion and a screwball sweetness as unexpected as it is welcome…thoroughly impressive…"
—L.A. Times.


Hamlet Cubed
By William Shakespeare
Adapated by Christopher Fuller

Our very first co-production with Live Tropical Fish to present Hamlet Cubed. A great play that originally put Dallas Theater on the map years ago.

Scholars, critics and actors have debated for centuries on the greatest play of the English language. Was Hamlet "Mad" seeing ghosts and murdering people, or was he "Passive" and very conflicted about his extraorindary circumstances waiting until the moment is forced to a crisis, or was he "Emotional" embellishing in the drama of his kingdom, family, friends and foes.

This production presents these three popular views simultaneously with three different performers playing the title role in a much edited 2 and a half hour production with a total of 8 performers. THe show featured Adam Swalley as Passive Hamlet, Nathaniel Niemi as Mad Hamlet and Jennifer Paige as Emotional Hamlet.

Due to this being a co-production, this show is not readily available for booking and touring.


By David Mamet
Directed by Brad McEntire

From the Pulitzer Prize winning writer of Glengarry Glen Ross, Oleanna and American Buffalo comes a brilliant comic look at the world of the Hollywood Executive. A film producer faces the ultimate dilemma. His best friend brings him the movie that will make his fortune; a beautiful girl offers him the movie that will save his soul. He only has one choice. In this conflictedly comic tale of greed, seduction and power everything he believes in will be put to the test.

SATER tackles their first Mamet production with one of his early works that is still very relavant today. Featuring Randeep Walia, Robert Shores and Christie Shane.

"[The cast] animate the playwright's obsession with machismo...Mr. Shores is especially effective in physically portraying Charlie's sizzle...Christie Shane conveys [her] character's realization with intelligence and enthusiasm."
-Dallas Morning News

”Aside from telling one complicated story, Neblett needs his "monsters" to make a more personal impact than those on giant multiplex screens. "You're never going to see a full monster costume. I think you'd dismiss them if you couldn't connect with them on a human level," he says. And that's where the fear factor comes in. [Neblett says] "The central conceit is: What if we could see the supernatural world around us? What would happen if they were real and in our world today?" Supernatural beings as common and as plentiful as the people we see everyday, interacting in our lives, controlling our fate and ultimately killing us, all in plain sight? Now that's just scary.”
~ MERRITT MARTIN / The Dallas Observer

The Skriker
by Caryl Churchill
Directed by Robert Neblett

SATER presents this regional premiere of the dark urban faerie tale by England's leading female dramatist, Caryl Churchill (CLOUD NINE, TOP GIRLS, FAR AWAY, A NUMBER) at the Dallas Hub Theater. The play is a terrifying descent into the lives of two young women who are being pursued by an ancient female supernatural shape shifting creature known as The Skriker. The edges between reality and illusion, good and evil, sanity and madness all blur as our modern world is overrun by the dark creatures of childhood nightmares. The most ambitious local production in recent memory, this show promises to give you a chillingly live, haunting experience not possible from any film or haunted house this October. This regional premiere (with a multi-ethnic cast of 14) is directed by prolific New York theater artist Robert Neblett. Puppetry, costumes and special effects have been handcrafted by local artists.

This show can be made available for touring, but due to the size of the cast and scenic elements this would take a minimum of 2 months notice.

Eleanor T. Threatt, Christie Shane, Cassandra Steele
John Victor Allen, Brandon K. Griffin,
Georgia Hay, Kalyn Hay, Victoria Hines,
Erik Knapp, Meredith Lindsey, Shea Lucia
Raymond McFarland, Travis Owens, Sue Slakter

Directed by Robert Neblett
Produced & Set by: Tim Shane
Lights by: Steve Crick
Sound by: Robert Neblett
Costumes by: Paula Wood
Props & Puppets by: Tish Mussey-Hitt
Masks by: Matt Baxley
Scenic Art: Courtney Miles
Stage Manager: Catherine Montgomery

Breakthrough Show of 2005
~Lawson Taitte/The Dallas Morning News

Here is what the Dallas Morning News has to say about this ambitious production…
“Who needs a haunted house to get terrified? Caryl Churchill is one of England's most important playwrights, and The Skriker is one of her most challenging plays. So the Shane Arts Theatrical Ensemble Rep has bitten off a mouthful in announcing the area premiere of this dark fable about an ancient shape-shifting creature pursuing two young women. The group has imported a New York director, Robert Neblett, and cast actors with impressive credentials, such as Eleanor Threatt, Christie Shane and Erik Knapp, so we can hope for some arty chills and thrills.”
~ LAWSON TAITTE / The Dallas Morning News


Adapted by Josh Costello
Directed by Christie Shane
Produced by Tim Shane
Featuring: Victoria Pope, Cara Miles, Heather Pratt & Paula Wood
Stage Manager: Catherine Montgomery
Sound: John Victor Allen
Lighting: Ben Bryant
Set: Christie Shane
Costumes: Paula Wood

The Dallas HUB Theater opened 2006 with the REGIONALPREMIERE of a new adaptation of the classic romantic comedy written in 1677 by the world's first female professional playwright, Aphra Behn. Josh Costello's adaptation premiered at the Chance Theater in Orange County, California in January, 2005 and enjoyed a live PBS telecast in April. In it, 4 young girls at a sleepover enact the story of The Rover as a game, using their imaginations to deal with the complications of their friendships, to outdo one another, and to explore their fears and dreams about growing up and falling in love.

"Updated 'Rover' Rolls with Youthful Charm...
~ Lawson Taitte, Dallas Morning News

"The Rover has the bawdy appeal... spirited professional performances"
~Glen Arberry, D Magazine/Park Cities People

Backstage West says of the original production "...the way Costello relates the story — through a quirky game of charades that slowly evolves into a metaphor on how imagination can bring people together — results in one of the cleverest and most well-intentioned plays in some time..."


by Mindy Kaling & Brenda Withers
Featuring Christie Shane & Molly Mitchell

"Matt & Ben" is the entertaining and hilarious tale of best friends Matt Damon & Ben Affleck and the mysterious inspiration behind writing the Oscar Winning "Good Will Hunting" from the unique perspective of being played by women. This is one show you will not want to miss!

"Christie Shane as Matt and Molly Mitchell as Ben are so good, it's hard to think of men in the roles"
~Dallas Morning News

Hit of both the NYC & DFW Fringe Festival!

"Top 5 Shows of the Year"

"Hot List Pick"
~Rolling Stone


Someone Who'll Watch Over Me
by Frank McGuinness
Directed by Ouida White, Produced by Tim Shane
Featuring Joel McDonald, John Victor Allen
& Mark Stoddard

Nominated for a Tony-Award, this is the story of an Irish journalist, an American doctor and a British professor who use grit, humor and unbridled imagination to transform their captivity in Lebanon. Under the direction of critically acclaimed and award-winning director Ouida White, the performers give powerful performances.


Returning in 2007!

Shakespearean Death Match
by Tim Shane

A brand new show from the creators of Commedia dell’Carte, SATER and Comedy Killers. This event features 16 of the bard’s most famous fighters from 37 plays, in a series of 15 fights of 4 major leagues (The Heroes, The Women, The Villains, & The Supernatural). 3 well known fight choreographers blend styles that range from fun and silly to flat out awesome utilizing a wide variety of weapons to determine 1 ultimate winner that varies from every weekend. The audience can also partake in a fundraising effort for the Hub to bet on the fights using play money to use for an auction after the show.

The three choreographers are Bart Noggle (who also plays multiple roles in the show) in from Los Angeles, Sara Romersberger from SMU and impressive credits in movement and choreography from all over the world and Core Ensemble member Jeff Swearingen who boasts a very impressive martial arts background as well as one of Dallas’ finest energetic comic talents.

The show is suitable for the entire family and runs just under 2 hours with 1 intermission. * Abridged Festival edition in development

Written & Directed
by Tim Shane
Lighting Design: Ben Bryant
Sound Design: Molly Mitchell
Set Design: Tim Shane
Production Coordinator/Stage Manager: Daniel St. Clair
Assistant Stage Manager: Jesse Lemons

Bart Noggle
Sara Romersberger
Jeff Swearingen

The cast features Lindsey Oyler, Laurel Whitsett, Jonathan Trammell, Tristan Decker, Alan Pollard, Bart Noggle, Molly Mitchell and Heidi Edstrom.


The Real Inspector Hound
by Tom Stoppard

A modern mystery classic by one of the most clever, inventive and award-winning writers of our time (Shakespeare In Love, Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead, Brazil, Bourne Ultimatum, Bond 22, The Real Thing) presented by the company that has been entertaining audiences with their clever parodies, comic mysteries for the past 13 years, SATER is proud to present The Real Inspector Hound by Tom Stoppard. This show is the story of London theatre critics that get caught up in the world of Agatha Christie style “Whodunnits” in a mystery that will bend the mind of the most aspiring audience detectives.

Two theatre critics (Moon & Birdboot) spend their evening taking in an over-the-top whodunnit when they find themselves surprisingly immersed in the action. Featuring classic Stoppard characters in a play-within-a-play formula.

This show is suitable for all ages and runs just over an hour with no intermission.

"Dallas Hub Theater’s production of The Real Inspector Hound will keep you laughing and guessing until the very end."
Joseph Melnicoff, Broadway World

"Go see The Real Inspector Hound at the Dallas Hub Theater. It's a refreshing spin on murder mysteries." ~Dallas Observer


Kitty Doggy
a World Premiere Musical by Daniel St. Clair Directed by Vanessa Kekoanui

Our very first musical! Keeping with the tradition of nurturing our ensemble we kicked off the year with a very romantic and fun musical written and designed by our own Daniel St. Clair and directed by Vanessa Kekoanui.

The show is about a couple of mystery shoppers that come to help a new Cadillac salesman find his groove, but in the end everyone finds something. This show is suitable for all ages and runs just over an hour with no intermission.

~ Featuring ~
Don Edinburgh
Mark Edinburgh
Heather Hill
James Quigley
and Morgan Spollin

"It was written into the fabric of time, that in the decade before and after 1600, a writer would come whose plays people would cherish for many centuries. So accidentally, God made that writer Steffon King. Now, 400 years later, God set about correcting His error. For what it's worth, let there be Shakespeare"

In this wonderfully clever regional premiere by John Fleming, the great writers Stephen King and William Shakespeare are accidentally switched in time. Shakespeare is a struggling playwright from Maine trying to get modern audiences interested in shows like Romeo & Juliet, MacBeth and Hamlet, meanwhile everyone seems to idolize the great "Steffon King" with works like the "Tragedy of Cujo", "The Shining" and "Carrie".

Initially premiering at the DFW Fringe Festival, it was so popular it went into an extended run. This show is ideal for college and university settings, and does contain some adult language and situations.

Directed by
Tim Shane
& Tyson Rinehart

Amanda Durbin
Josh Hamlin
Bill Jordan
Megan Lane
Matt Robinson
Tyson Rinehart
R. Brad Smith
Stefanie Tovar
& Teresa Valenza


TOP GUN! The Musical
a Regional Premiere Musical
Book and Lyrics by Denis McGrath
Music by Scott White
Directed by Vanessa Kekoanui

How can the infamous 80's pop culture film, Top Gun, be made into a broadway musical? In a time of musicals being turned into movies and movies being turned into musicals, this hilarious story shows us exactly how. With such hit songs as "Now that Goose is Cooked", this is a great tale of theatre, musicals, and hopes and dreams.

This one will be back!

For more information, also visit:


A World Premiere Created by
Juan Borona, Cris Buchner & Bettina Sheppard

Inspired by Dream Story by Arthur Schnitzler, this workshop production with Six Figures Theater company presented this new unique mix of theatre, music, dance and visuals to create a sensual yet dark world that critics claim is unlike anything Dallas has ever seen.

Vikas Adam, Monalisa Amidar, Sarah Caterisano, Kristin Colaneri, Blanca Gomez, Ellen Grinke, Sequoia Houston, Jason Garcia Ignacio, Joi Jackson, Shelly Ley, Sonny Strait, Andrew Worley

"Not quite like anything Dallas has ever seen before, TraumNovela takes place in a dreamlike hothouse crawling with phantasmagorical images. The production looks like a million dollars."

 ~ Lawson Taitte,
Dallas Morning News



Midsummer Night's Dream

by William Shakespeare
Directed by Tim Shane

This double cast, double speed adaptation of one of Shakespeare's most popular works contains all the aspects that make this supernatural romantic comedy timeless.

Perfect for touring with powerful performances, this production is ideal for all audiences.


Shakespearean Death Match
by Tim Shane
Directed by Bart Noggle

Refined from the first production from the previous year, this event features 16 of the bard’s most famous fighters from 37 plays, in a series of 15 fights of 4 major leagues (The Heroes, The Women, The Villains, & The Supernatural). fight choreography blend styles that range from fun and silly to flat out awesome utilizing a wide variety of weapons to determine 1 ultimate winner that varies from every weekend. The audience can also partake in a fundraising effort for the Hub to bet on the fights using play money to use for an auction after the show.

Written by Tim Shane
Directed by Bart Noggle
Sound Design: Molly Mitchell
Set Design: Tim Shane
Production Coordinator/Stage Manager: Daniel St. Clair
Assistant Stage Manager: Jessica Morris

The 2007 cast features Clayton Shane Farris, Blanca Gomez, Bart Noggle, Molly Mitchell Wesley Raitt, Tyson Rinehart and Robert Shores.


A Play by David Mamet

Mamet's introspective look into the world of modern academia is captured in this powerful piece that pits student against teacher and teacher against student.

This two person show is perfect for college and university settings, although quite controversial and contains strong language and violence. Royalties must be pre-approved.

Cast features Molly Mitchell & Tim Shane


A Midwinter's Tale
by Kenneth Branagh
Adapted for the Stage by Tim Shane Directed by Jason Fitzmaurice

This workshop production of the stage adaptation of Kenneth Branagh's heart warming tale of theatre folk is about a small group of misfit actors who want to present Hamlet as a Christmas Play to save the church in their home town.

Rights are currently being pursued to mount this as a full production in 2008. Details to follow.

SATER will mount productions at your request, and produce at least one show per year that is mobile and can perform in several venues around the Dallas/Fort Worth area, or anywhere you would like us to perform. Once a production is complete, it will be eligible to be booked by you and your organization.

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