SATYR PLAY: a burlesque comedy performed as comic relief after a classical Greek tragic trilogy. They were evidently introduced at the Great Dionysia celebration in Athens around the late 6th century BC, written by the competing authors of the three tragedies.

SATER PLAY: Play presented by the Shane Arts Traveling Ensemble Repertory introduced in the early 21st century AD until they set up a base at the Dallas Hub Theater and became known as Shane Arts Theatrical Ensemble Rep.

Created in response to the demand of audiences to see a wide assortment of entertainment in convenient, close-to-home venues and as an answer to the recent decline of available funding for the arts, Shane-Arts Traveling Ensemble Repertory (SATER) presents the solution based on principles that has kept theater alive for centuries. These transportable, quality shows, designed and rehearsed to fit in a variety of spaces, would consist of traditional, contemporary and original productions to entertain and challenge both artist and audience alike. In addition to serving audiences, challenging our talent, SATER is also designed to fill the need of existing theater facilities, helping them generate revenue and activity when they might otherwise be dark. Traveling to these different venues, SATER can also find, cultivate and retain new audiences by filling multiple venues, as opposed to trying to recover production costs by running at just one theater. By keeping shows in repertory, we hope to make each SATER show an on-going investment rather than a one-run production, as well as retain our talent by providing them with continual opportunities for work. In 2005, SATER is the resident company of the new Dallas Hub Theater for them to develop and increase the number of their productions. For more information, please visit

Shane-Arts: SATER is a member of the Dallas Theatre League and the Theater Communication Group.

SATER productions will mount productions at your request, and produce at least one show per year that is mobile and can perform in several venues around the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Once a production is complete, it will be eligible to be booked by you and your organization.

Seeking and Cultivating Audiences and Talent to Enhance The Cultural Community