Film/Video Division

As part of our mission to retain and cultivate our talent, we work with the camera as well as on the stage. Although we have worked on such a variety of projects for major motion pictures to some really "independent" films, we decided to produce projects in our own right.

Future Productions

FEATURE PROJECT: There is a classified feature length project currently in development that will be disclosed once copyright and WGA is approved. Currently scheduled for a low-budget 2005 production.

DOCUMENTARY: Slated to begin production in 2005 is a documentary on the unique culture of the Dallas Actor.

Current Productions

In Post Production in early 2004. Click here to find out more.

Currently Collaborating with OMNI VISUAL MEDIA

Currently in Production

COFFEE ROOM: Shane-Arts joined up with Audacity Productions and PX Arts to create a screen version of the play "Coffee Room" by Michael Allegra. However, three quarters of the way into production we lost our location. The project is currently back in development. Of the original five person cast and director, all but one is currently involved with Shane-Arts. They include director Vikas Adam (who also runs PX Arts), Beauen Bogner (who has since left Texas), Valerie Hauss-Smith, Brad McEntire (who also runs Audacity Productions) and Tim Shane (founder of Shane-Arts). The project is currently "shelved" until we can begin principal photography with a new concept and location.

Past Productions

My Father's Daughter
The latest independent feature most recently picked up by a distributor. The film was written and directed by Parul Bhatia, a former student of Tim Shane at Richland College. (Tim appears in the film as one of her professors without the best intentions) The film had a world premiere at the Angelika and you can check the links to the left for local showings.
Hall of Mirrors

A great independent film featuring and associate produced by Tim Shane. Many of the above the line crew were once students of his at Richland College, and they are all now accomplished working professionals. Some scenes were shot aboard the Texas Queen Riverboat, home of the Comedy Killers.

Blood and Stone

Two productions completed with a great deal of help from various teams at Shane-Arts. "Blood and Stone", a silent film based on Pygmalion was co-produced by Vikas Adam, using a camera owned by Brad McEntire. The stars of the film were Vikas Adam, Audra Oakley, and Tim Shane. The expertise of Jamie Little-Puente with some of the costumes, Jaymes Gregory with some of the make up.
Calvary A short based on a poem by William Butler Yeats stars Tim Shane, Brad McEntire, Rhiannon McMillen, with a cast of extras made up of Tim's most recent class at Richland College. Visit the website for more details.

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