Corporate and Business Theater

Combining Education and Training with Entertainment for accelerated learning and results.

EduTrainMent is a unique form of communicating, teaching and learning that merges the training techniques and trade secrets of the entertainment industry with the corporate culture for a fun business atmosphere. Have you ever wondered how actors learn all those lines, or how a star can learn martial arts for an upcoming role and look like they have been doing it all their life? Do you wish your employees had "the show must go on" work ethic? Are you nervous about your big presentation and like coaching and feedback from professional entertainers? Is your work group due for some fun and stress relief? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are in the right place to do something about it.

We offer workshops anywhere from 1 hour to on-going classes based on similar principles used in the entertainment industry to bring casts together for a common goal in a show or production. Improvise to sharpen your wits and think outside the box. Learn to work creatively in a collaborative process without bruising egos and hurting feelings, and most importantly, be re-trained on how to have fun.
Stress Reducers Workshops are offered from 1-4 hours in breathing and relaxation techniques, channeling anxious energy into productive outlets, and learning to identify symptoms of stress and learning exercises to manage stress in fun and productive ways.
Presentation Skills Workshops are offered from 1-4 hours and classes offered from 7-16 hours in how to give effective presentations. In addition to some basic presentation skills, you will learn how performers keep their nerves in check and sometimes use them to their advantage. You will learn how to get your point across in new and creative ways to "connect" to your audience and keep their attention with confidence. Topics include speaking techniques used by media professionals, accent reduction and how to speak with various dialects. Private coaching is also available.
Communication Skills Workshops are offered from 2-4 hours and classes from 7-16 hours. Take communication skills to the extreme by learning techniques professional actors use to communicate with not only words, but non-verbal body language, emotions and feelings. Learn how to listen effectively, and how to get a message across in a positive and productive manner.

Seeking, Retaining and Cultivating Audiences and Talent