Current Ensemble Members
Performers of Commedia dell'Carte are made up of the Shane-Arts Core Ensemble.
For Complete info on our Core Ensemble, please click the link below
Special Thanks goes to the following for their advice and support
Stefani Case
Heather Marsh
Bill McCurry
Sara Romersberger

Past Commedia dell'Carte Members
The following have performed with Commedia dell'Carte

Vikas Adam
Jennifer Arthur
Janice Aulicino
Louis Bartay
Jeff Baxley
LeeAnn Betts
Ron Boulden
Tristan Decker
Danny Fletcher
Daniel Grandquist
Steve Hacker
Kelly Hart
Alethia Hopkins
Darlene Horan
Jeremy Inman
Kylonnie Jackson
Kate Kemp
Ken Long
Richard M. Manuel
Barbara Martin
Brant Miller
Bart Noggle
Elizabeth Normoyle
Floy Osborne
Jerry Perry
Jennifer Rice
Ryan Shreve
Jonathan "Oz" Trammel
Tatiana Maciel
Rhiannon McMillen
Brendan Ahern
Audra Oakley

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