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Proposal Form

We are currently working on an automated proposal form so that you may input your own variables and not only have a quote, but a proposed contract within minutes.

Until then, please contact us via E-mail or by phone and tell us:

1.) The show you want
2.) The date and time of the show
3.) How long you want the show to be
4.) Number of expected audience members
5.) Location of the venue
6.) Any additional customizing you would like
7.) Your address, phone number, E-mail address and other contact information

We will then put it in a proposed contract and E-mail, Fax or send it through the U.S. Post Office within 24 hours.


How Much Does It Cost?

The Comedy Killers Murder Mystery Troupe is the best deal around. Where else can you find the highest quality and entertaining shows from a company with years of experience for the best affordable price? Due to the variables of each individual booking and in order to stay competitive we do not publish our prices on the web page. Please call or E-mail now for a price quote. If you are linked to this site from one of our agencies, they will handle the contracts and expenses for you.

Prices are determined by when you book the show, the number of people you have in your audience, the distance the troupe travels and additional customization.

When you book the show is a key variable. We book shows up to two years in advance, and can book shows within days. Naturally, the more notice we have to prepare the less the cost. The day you book is also a variable. Booking on holidays or days that the troupe is already booked may affect the quote.

The Comedy Killers perform for groups of all sizes. To date, we have performed for audiences of 12 people to 750. Programs are customized and printed for each show, and depending on the venue, audiences over 150 may require a sound system.

The Comedy Killers perform all around the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, the New York City area, and Los Angeles and surrounding areas, and we are willing to travel. Please do not hesitate to contact the troupe if you are calling from anywhere else in the world. We are looking into expanding and would like to know where there is interest.

We do offer discounts for booking multiple shows. For example, if you are a restaurant or club owner that would like to have a comedy murder mystery night once a week/month/season, the cost per show will be lower. If you are an event coordinator for a company, you may want to book one show for your summer barbeque as well as your holiday party at the same time. Remember we have multiple shows and each show has multiple endings and outcomes.

Contact us right away for a price quote.

Are you interested in seeing a show before you book? See our schedule and information on shows aboard the Texas Queen Riverboat.

Are There Better Deals?

No, there is not a better deal! However, what kind of detective or educated consumer would you be if you took our word for it? We could be killers for all you know. We are so confident that if you can show us a quote from a troupe that has comparable quality and experience for a lesser price, contact us and give us an opportunity to match it.

or call: 214.749.7010 Ext. 2