The Comedy Killers features professional performers that not only have impressive training and resumes, but are also skilled and trained in the unique medium of interactive improvisational theater. Each show has a strong audience-tested script base to guarantee quality entertainment, and then a varied degree of customization and improvisation that is unique to each audience to create an enriching, fun and enjoyable experience with every performance.

Aside from the fun and wonderful intrigue of participating in a murder mystery, the Comedy Killer's shows are built on a flexible foundation that makes each show quickly adaptable and customizable to meet your specific needs. Although our audience feedback has been extremely positive over the years, this company is dedicated to constantly improving the quality and enjoyment of every show.

The Comedy Killers Murder Mystery troupe was formed in 1993 by writer and restaurant owner, Ginger Mensik. Finding that other murder mystery troupe's were not nearly as flexible or as professional as they claimed, she decided that she would form her own company. The shows were so successful, the troupe began to get requests outside of her restaurant by only reputation and word of mouth. Her unique understanding of both audience and client requirements balanced with the intergrity of a good quality show made the troupe very successful. Years later, she passed the company on to fellow "Comedy Killer" Tim Shane who built upon her views and philosophies as well as adding his expertise in interactive improvisational theater.

The Comedy Killers have performed in a wide variety of locations, including restaurants, hotel ballrooms, country clubs, outdoor parks, parties of almost any occasion, even people's own homes. Most notably is their home since 1994 aboard the Texas Queen Riverboat located on Lake Ray Hubbard 15 minutes east of Dallas, Texas, and most recently, they have acquired their own venue, The Dallas Hub Theater, where they can offer package deals and accomodate even more requests. They have also built partnerships with several venues locally and across the country (in NYC and LA) where they can stream line the event planning process and still be cost effective.

Since each show is created from a flexible and customizable framework, each show features a variety of endings and scenarios. That means you can choose the degree of interactivity and improvisation, and if you've seen the show before, you can trust it will be different if you see it again.

Each Show is Improvisational

For years, many have associated the word "improvisation" with comedy. Terms such as "improv", "ad-libs" are often excellent comic tools. It is fresh, it is often unique and usually inspired by characteristics of each individual audience. Each cast member is trained and constantly enhancing this skill. Our talent not only adds to the comic aspect of every show, but allows the actors to be extremely adaptable and modify the story during the show. However, improv also comes with a certain amount of risk, which is why each show comes with well-rehearsed and audience-tested material. This way, the improvisational factor can only add to the quality of the show. If you are concerned about certain aspects of the show such as subject matter, the improv skills of the cast can easily filter out certain elements that may make you uncomfortable in order to create a quailty experience. For example, if you are booking the show for your church group, you may want to be sure that the improv is very conservative.

Comedy "Murder Mystery" Troupe

Some find that "comedy" is an overused term, but of course we challenge you to judge for yourself. With our company of performers, writers and directors who share the same training and credits of your favorite comedy superstars, we take comedy very seriously. The Comedy Killers know that everyone wants to have a good time. So we blend a comedy show with the intrigue and fun of a murder mystery. Many murder mystery companies will choose one winner from the audience, but in an audience of 100, that means that 99 people don't win. Everybody likes to win, so the Comedy Killers shows are set up so there can be multiple winners, and even if someone does not discover the murderer, they are still going to have a good time.

The Comedy Killers is a professional group of actors that have the most impressive experience, resume and credentials for this type of theater and form the Shane-Arts Ensemble (see Comedy Killers, is also a division of Shane-Arts, the multi-faceted production company made up of some of the best talent in the area. Each member of the ensemble has either a minimum of 5 years professional experience, or a 4 year peformance degree from a respectable institution, so you can rest assured that we take pride in each and every aspect of production. Most cast members have been with the company for years. This allows for a unique energy and environment in which all the performers feel very comfortable and have a great time with every show. When the performers are enjoying themselves, it makes it that much easier for the audience to enjoy themselves as well.

Throughout the years, the Comedy Killers have performed for a variety of reputable companies and organizations. We often become a tradition with many of our private clients that keep coming back. We constantly ask for feedback from our audience and from the people that book us and the feedback is always extremely positive. The following is a selected list of organizations for which the Comedy Killers has repeatively performed.

Alliance Data Systems
Alliance for Employee Growth
American Airlines
Arthur Anderson
Avanti Restaurants
Avaya Communications
Bank One
Captial One
Chase Bank
Cole Mountain
Dallas County Community Colleges
Dallas Hub Theater
DeCordova Country Club
Deloitte & Touche

Ernst & Young
Farmers Insurance
General Dynamics
Granbury Country Club
Interstate Batteries
Mary Kay
Multiple College Programs
Reata Restaurant
Showplace Lanes

Solid Systems

Southwest Airlines
Southwestern Bell
State Farm
Studio Movie Grill
T-Bar-M Raquetball
Texas Club
Texas Queen Riverboat
Tribute Golf Course
Twin Pines Country Club
University of North Texas Medical Ctr.
UT: Southwestern Medical
Various Church Groups
Various Elementary Schools
Various College & University Groups

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