Commedia dell’arte

A selection of various shows and scenarios in the style of commedia dell’arte designed to be customized to your event. Either one long presentation, or broken into segments featuring Commedia dell’Carte’s unique interpretation of a variety of classic scenarios, original works as well as many modern parodies. You will be amazed with the colorful costumes, magical masks, acrobatic skills, sharp improvisations, and audience interactions. Some titles include...

Commedia dell'Carte Name Inspired by...
Servant of 2 Capitanos Servant of Two Masters
3 Cuckolded Fools! The Three Cuckolds meets 3's Company
Shakespeare's Inspiration Shakespeare's Comedies, & Tragedies & Histories
Richard III (original text, Commedia style) Shakespeare's Tragedy of Richard III
Cyranose Cyrano de Bergerac
A Commedia Carol A Christmas Carol
School for Commedia in Spite of Itself All the works of Moliere
Apocalypse of Oz Apacalyspe Now meets Wizard of Oz
A Greek Tragicomedy Oedipus Rex
MacDick III Combining MacBeth & Richard III
Carte-Trek Wars All the Sci-Fi classics to date

Many more are added every season. Commedia dell'Carte has also been commissioned to do shows based on cutomzied themes, training manuals, as well as present follies and parody shows in good humor of shows at festivals, conventions, and such. Many of the shows contain an educational aspect to give their audience something by the original author or inspiration.

Commedia dell'Carte also develops their own organic shows and workshops, including...

Commedia dell'Shakespeare

A critically acclaimed, award nominated and popular show in which the commedia characters explore the argument that William Shakespeare used the commedia dell'arte forumlas in his comedies, as well as his tragedies and even the embellishments of his histories. They present The Tempest but substitute P. Ross Perot for the legendary Prospero complete with easy to read pie charts. They show that MacBeth and Richard III are the same story, scene by scene, as well as present their own version of Romeo & Juliet, Hamlet, and cap it all off by doing all of Shakespeare's plays simultaneously in less than 10 minutes.

Richard III

Shakespeare's comedies can be quite funny, but so can his serious works once Commedia get's ahold of them. With the role of Richard III played by the timeless tempermental hunchback, Pulcinella, Commedia stay's true to William Shakespeare's dialogue will have you asking yourself if Shakespeare didn't intend for his story to be a comedy.

A Commedia Carol

The commedia characters explore the life and works of Charles Dickens in one of his most popular works, A Christmas Carol. Having Pantalone play the role of the famous miser by the name of Scroogealone, the rest of the cast fleshes out a very fun, educational and comical look at this holiday classic.

This show is suitable for all ages, even with guest appearances by the ghost of Jay BOB Marley!

HISTORY of Theater/Commedia/Drama

Easily adapted of any of the three variations of title, this show features a very educational and comical lesson of the history and evolution of the art of theater, with a optional bias towards the commedia dell'arte. Beginning at the dawn of man through the origins of the first actor all the way to the present day. Of course, they can highlight the major influence of commedia through the ages, but in a very educational and entertaining way. Featuring several commedia interpretations of everything from Greek Tragedies, to the plays of William Shakespeare, Moliere, and even modern day sitcoms. This show includes a great deal of audience interaction and there will be a test.

Other original titles include

Arlechinno's Folly
Zeus and the Servant Girl
Tom the Taylor
The Marriage of Pigaro
Pedrolino In Love
The Innamorati Ball
Big Moby Dick
Brighella: The Italian Spy
The Marriage of Pierrot

These shows may be presented by other companies with written permission and a royalty donation.

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